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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Assalamualaikum semua ;)

Hai, korang!. Okey, aku dah buat keputusan. InsyaAllah aku berada di jalan yang betul. Aku dah buat keputusan nak jual buku secara ONLINE. Jadi, korang - korang boleh beli buku dari aku secara ONLINE. Buat masa ni aku tak buat lagi blog khas untuk jual buku, jadi aku guna blog ni dulu nak test market. Kalau bisnes dah okey, then baru aku bukak blog khas for books.

How to buy books from me ?

1. Email me my email is :
  • Book Title
  • Authors Name
  • No. ISBN ( if have)
  • Publishers Name
  • Your Contact Number
2.  I will check whether the book have stock in market or not. Then I will call you or email the status of the books with price of the book, delivery charges and stock availability.

3. After that, you can made payment. Please do bank in cash/ cheque/ wang pos to CIMB 14410075735528. My name is SHARIFAH FADZILAH BT SYED M HUSSEIN.

4. After you made payment. Kindly do email me:
  • bank-in slip
  • your full address
  • contact number
  • your full name
5. After I received the payment, I will courier it to you.

6. Might be some book(s), I can give you special discounts and special price !

7. I'm selling English Books (motivation/ novels/ education) same as Malay Books, Religious Books, Law and Regulations Books.

I hope my business will success and I can coop with it. Kindly do PRAY for me. You can see latest book on my right sidebar. Hope I can update new books frequently. PRAY for me.

p/s: usaha tangga kejayaan.